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aio_error - get error status of asynchronous I/O operation


#include <aio.h>

int aio_error(const struct aiocb *aiocbp);


The aio_error() function returns the error status for the asynchronous I/O request with control block pointed to by aiocbp.

Return Value

This function returns EINPROGRESS if the request has not been completed yet. It returns ECANCELED if the request was cancelled. It returns 0 if the request completed successfully. Otherwise an error value is returned, the same value that would have been stored in the errno variable in case of a synchronous read, write, fsync, or fdatasync request. On error, the error value is returned.


EINVAL aiocbp does not point at a control block for an asynchronous I/O request of which the return status (see aio_return(3) ) has not been retrieved yet.

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See Also

aio_cancel(3) , aio_fsync(3) , aio_read(3) , aio_return(3) , aio_suspend(3) , aio_write(3)

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